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​Production of
women's swimwear,
luxury lingerie and clothing

Since 1995.

Welcome to the world of fashion! We are a premier manufacturer of high-quality lingerie, swimwear, leisurewear, and more for women and children. Our focus on textile excellence ensures every piece is expertly crafted.

JESSE – 11 Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer with over 30 years of experience, located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We have all the resources you need to bring your creative ideas to life!

Our Simple Three-Step-Process


Tell us all your needs and ideas in the contact form.


Project analysis and sample making.



Product catalog

We can help you with the production of:

Ladies swimwear

women's swimwear

Women's underwear

women's lingerie

Women's bodysuit


Leisure clothes

leisure time

children's underwear

children's underwear

children's swimwear and dresses

children's swimwear and dresses

home clothes


nightgowns and pajamas

nightdresses and pyjamas

Bring your creative ideas to life.

Share your concept and vision with us, and we will help you turn your ideas into reality.

(+359) 089 355 4844

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Thank you!

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